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I always thought this was a strange question. “What do you mean, where am I? I’m right here.” What I learned is that this is not about physical location. This question is really about where I am emotionally, spiritually, physically, and in my mind. 

I know that my desire to keep my body in shape is grounded in my feelings. It is my emotions which direct my movement or lack of it. I have to check in with myself regularly. The check-ins don’t always bring about movement. Personal check-ins do bring awareness, however. 

Where do you find yourself physically? Logistics is different than where you are physical. You may be reading this in bed or between meetings. “Where are you physically?” is about caring for your body.

What is your current state of honor when it comes to the body that will be with you for the rest of your life? How do you live in a way that prolongs its ability and capacity? What gets in your way at times? What is your body’s feedback to you?    

I learned that listening to my body needed to be followed up with action. Chronic physical pain has a message. So does mental and emotional pain. In my case, the physical pain was a message of replacing my hip joint. Facing the fear of surgery allowed for relief. 

What chronic pain are you needing to address?

Where are you? Where is your mind? What lessons do you most need to learn? The path to knowledge can be direct if you can muster the courage to hit it head-on. Where are you on this knowledge journey? What are you tip-toeing around that keeps reaching out and grabbing your attention? The lesson will keep coming to you until the lesson is learned. 

The complete check-in is not complete without questioning where you are spiritual. Where are you finding inspiration? Who is the person you are inspired to become? Do you believe that person is inside of you when you look in the mirror? What needs to change, the reflection or the lens that you see yourself through?

“Where are you?” is about your holistic position in your journey.

“Where are you?”


Written by: Steve Hartline

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