What is at the root?

Life Coaching

Where does your strength come from? 

What keeps you grounded?

What are you noticing at harvest time this year? 

What is required in order to over-winter flowers and bulbs? 

Surviving and thriving are in the roots of the plants. The difference between just hanging on and prospering is often the part that is hidden below the surface. Unfortunately, the part that feeds the “whole” is never admired for its beauty. In fact, it is often ignored. The leaves, fruits and flowers are reflections of the root’s strength. 

And so the question comes back to you. How do you feed the inner, hidden part of your relationship, your relationship root? The part of your relationship that nourishes what can be seen, from a place that is not visible. Just like the plant roots, it is easy to forget your partnership roots as well.

What keeps you going when it would be easier to give up?  Or, have you given up and just haven’t said the words? 

The focus very often is to merely survive the day, and then do the same thing tomorrow. Long forgotten is the inspiration that brought you together in the first place. Inspiration cannot be seen or held. It can move mountains however. 

You can see the fruits of inspiration and yet it is not visible.

What moves your heart to put your body into action? What evokes emotion from the deepest recesses of your being? What is “the hill that you are willing to die for”?

Finding what feeds your roots is infinite. Anything else is a temporary fix.

What is at the root for you?

Written by: Steve Hartline


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