What Are You Made Of?

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The essence of this story is factual. The names have been changed to protect the innocent.

One day jelly and peanut butter met. Peanut butter admired the beauty of the jelly and was drawn to her. Jelly also found peanut butter intriguing. He seemed to ground her by his nature.

The more time that they spent together, the more they wanted to be together. The problems began when peanut butter began to look at differences between them. He could not understand jelly’s past. She grew up in the sunshine and was kept neat and tidy on a vine. She was checked on often and her growth was noticed and affirmed.

You see, her path from fruit to jelly was much different than his. He couldn’t come to terms with her “perfect” world and he began to resent her.

He grew in the dirt. Light never shone upon him. He never saw the sun until he was plowed out of the soil and turned over. His protective shell was taken away and he was crushed. How could he ever compete with the sweetness of the jelly. And soon he gave up…

“I can never live in the shadow of jelly”, he said. I have worked so hard to be who I am. How can I give myself up? I will be lost in her.

Jelly couldn’t understand his aversion to her. She didn’t choose her nature any more than he had. She knew that they could be the perfect complement to each other if he would only give it a try.

How will this story end? Will peanut butter remain true to himself and stay separate or will he transform into more than he believes possible?

What advice would you give peanut butter and jelly?

Written by:  Steve Hartline

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