What a Difference A Word Makes

Life Coaching

Written by:  Cella Hartline

Today the power of choosing our words carefully is resonating on my heart as I continue on my personal journey of transformation.  Just one word can make a difference in changing our lives toward becoming more meaningful and more powerful.  Take for instance the popular childhood story The Little Train That Could who stated while going up the mountain.  “I think I can…I think I can…. I think I can.”  Say it out loud feel the vibration in your voice and in your body.  Now replace the word think with know.  “I know I can….I know I can…I know I can.”  Can you feel the shift in your body and in your voice tone and conviction? So often when setting off on a new course people say I will try to do xyz.  What would it be like or feel like to say I will do xyz instead?  Can you feel the difference?  Do you see the difference in the personal accountability that happens with such a minor change in your communication pattern?

Choosing our words carefully can be life changing when we are framing our desires and our intentions.  The impact it can have in our internal vibration, our attitude and experiences will be no less than powerful.  What words do you need to replace in your vocabulary and within the inner chatter of your mind?  How could changing just a word or two make a difference in your life?

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