The Unsettling Space In-Between

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Spring is so close that I can almost taste it. The air is beginning to feel different. This makes me long for the days of open windows and warm breezes. And yet, the time is not right for such things. Wishing does not make the chill go away. This is the space in between.

Relationships also experience spaces in between. Warmth, closeness and easiness contrast the chill, distance and difficulty we often find ourselves in. This space is not easy to navigate as we often desire the assurance of what tomorrow will bring, even when that may mean that the cold winds will blow.

Wishing that your relationship will warm up will not make it so. Waiting for the “right time” will bring more of what you have now. Often this is uncertainty. Waiting for our partner to shine the warmth upon us as the sun does upon the earth does not create a reciprocal relationship.

“Patience is a virtue” and it can also be an excuse for doing little or nothing in order to bring clarity to your future.

Abraham Lincoln once said that the best way to predict the future is by creating it.

How are you creating your future?

 How can this uncomfortable in between space inspire you to be the catalyst in your relationship? 

What is holding you back from creating the relationship that you deserve, desire and are worthy of?

Steve Hartline

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