The Season of Gratitude

Written by:  Cella Hartline

What a challenging year it has been as we enter month eight of this pandemic, with unfortunately, no end in sight at the moment.  Many of us are longing for things to get back to “normal” while actively grieving what use to be.  Sometimes in the middle of grief it is hard for us to sit in the space of gratitude for the blessings that still remain in our day to day lives.  I however, challenge us to look closely for the godsends all around us.

Living life from the space of intentional gratitude is transformational.  When we experience heart-centered gratitude there is nothing else that we need or want in life.  Gratitude expands our soul to a new level.  When we are thankful, we see even more blessings.  Blessings in places that we couldn’t see before.  Search for the silver linings in all experiences…yes even in this pandemic amongst the grief.

Decide right here and now to transform your life through developing an active practice of gratitude.  There is no better time to start then during this season of gratitude.  For those who have an active practice already, I challenge you to take it to the next level.

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