The Power of Grit

Life Coaching

Grit” is the positive trait based on a person’s perseverance of effort combined with the passion for a particular long-term goal.

We often hear the phrase “grit and determination” when talking about an athlete’s desire to win. “That person has risen to the top of his field because of his grit”. 

What about the rest of us? Where does grit show up in our lives and in our relationships?

The power of grit showed itself in the sands on the coast of Oregon as we stayed in a beach house. Sand is “grit”. It is small and can be abrasive when used as sandpaper or pushed by the waves of the ocean. Little by little, sand shapes the environment through the grit that is its nature.

Sand does not change the landscape all at once. Sand perseveres because of tiny changes made consistently and persistently. The wind and the waves move the “grit” just as they move our soul. The grit within us deepens as we allow ourselves to be moved spiritually and emotionally in relationships as well.

What have you not really allowed yourself to fully experience that could move the grit inside of you into action toward your true destiny? 

Written by Steve Hartline

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