We are grateful for the numerous lives we have impacted at Enlightened Way New Day!

Read some of our client testimonials below:

“Enlightened Way New Day has been an amazing and life changing resource for me!  They provide multiple services/opportunities for healing, learning and guidance through love, support and inspiration.  Practicing mindfulness, intuitive development, providing opportunity for connection, and helping me with emotional healing has all lead me to personal freedom.  They have opened up an entirely new life experience and given me tools to use throughout life’s journey.”

Dawn B.

Sauk-Prairie, WI

“I have used the services at Enlightened Way: New Day for deep inner healing for myself after experiencing trauma as a child, for marriage coaching and relationship repair and for healing and guidance for my children.  Steve and Cella provide an amazing array of services that address healing the whole body, mind and spirit of a person so that they may achieve all that they are destined to achieve on their journey of life…what you provide the world is beyond measure.”

Jennie M.

Mazomanie, WI

“I was struggling in areas of my life that were stifling my happiness.  Life coaching with Enlightened Way: New Day allowed me to open my mind, lift burdens from my heart and tap into the true meaning of joy.  I am forever grateful for this beautiful gift.”

Lois W.

Black River Falls, WI

“Enlightened Way: New Day has helped me learn about myself and given me tools to work through past traumas.  I love the support they offer and I am grateful for their love, support and patience.”

Celsa R

Madison, WI

“My one-on-one sessions with Cella helped me to answer some questions that I hadn’t realized would help me to become a stronger leader at work and more resilient for the personal challenges in my life.”

Mary Beth W

Black River Falls, WI

“Enlightened Way: New Day, whether one-on-one or part of a group, sheds light to clearly see ourselves in our raw and naked form, to risk vulnerability without judgment, to be offered tools for introspection then growth, empowerment to use our voice and finally learning to wake with gratitude, peace and with joy.”

Dianne B.

Sauk-Prairie, WI

“Working with Cella, as my life coach, has been a life changing experience.  She is available, knowledgeable and insightful which has helped me to achieve a greater version of myself.  I have been through very painful experiences.  She has equipped me with the knowledge to not only survive those circumstances, but to thrive in order to learn and grow from them.  I can’t imagine how I would have gotten through everything without her support.  It is hard to capture in words what her coaching has done for me.”

Melissa B.

Holman, WI

“There are very few teachers that are masters at their craft. This is what Cella is with our Reiki sessions. She is patient, kind, dedicated and compassionate with you and that puts you at ease to embrace her teachings and walk away with a positive impact that this has played in my life. I would be lost without my Reiki but much more without Cella. Truly grateful for such an amazing soul.”

Shelly S.

Lodi, WI

“Cella is an amazing woman that exudes love and wisdom. I swear by my Reiki sessions with her. Her intuitive guidance, unconditional love, and support have helped me create invaluable shifts and growth in my life.”

Ivy N.

Lodi, WI

“I find the Emotion Code sessions fascinating and helpful to me for many reasons.  Between the time of setting up my appointment and going in for the Emotion Code appointment, a recurring theme or topic will come to the surface of my thoughts and mind.  This could be related to activities or situations that arise throughout that period of time.  When I present the prevalent word to Cella, it’s as if a floodgate has been opened.  This is a combination of thoughts and emotions which surface at a rapid rate and mesh with similar/comparable thoughts and feelings which Cella has related to the topic.  Cella is masterful at recognizing the underlying issues and resulting emotions that are generating that theme or topic, which I’ve been experiencing.  She is warm, caring, compassionate and resourceful in working through difficult or tough thoughts and emotions which may have been present or buried for many years or even decades.

“Cella has many ‘tools in her toolbox’ to use as resources to help guide and navigate me through a topic, emotion or issue.  I often have ‘AHA’ moments during these sessions, a dawning realization of why I’ve had recurring thoughts, feelings, opinions, etc. – many of which go back to childhood or early adult behaviors and situations.  After leaving a session, I often find that once those areas of my brain and heart are opened, that thoughts and feelings continue to reveal themselves to me around a word, topic, feeling or emotion.  The sessions often result in my clearing the negative and defeating connotations to thoughts that I had before we discussed them in the appointment.  The takeaways are often much more helpful and obvious – and maybe even different than my perception going in.  I always end up feeling better about myself and the positive effects of my life on others and look forward to continuing to reach, grow and learn, with Cella leading the way.”

Char K.

Sauk City, WI