Steve Hartline

Steve’s life is an example of how change can occur at any stage of life. Having spent the majority of his life as a manager in the supermarket industry and in a very “challenging” marriage, Steve had a very powerful coaching question presented to him. “What about you?” Soon thereafter, Steve left his unhappy marriage, began working in healthcare because of his desire to help people. This transformed his life to honor more of his heart’s purpose. His passion for helping others led him to working in memory care over the last few years. His love for “meeting people where they are at” was a natural fit for memory care and eventually led him to the profession of life coaching.

Steve brings curiosity and a beginner’s mind to his coaching practice. He consistently asks himself coaching questions to get to the next level of growth for himself personally and professionally. After experiencing his own personal shift, Steve wanted to impact others transformation and entered the Professional Life Coaching Certification through UW Madison Extension Services, which he graduated from in 2018. Shortly, thereafter he joined Enlightened Way: New Day as an ACC Coach upon completion of credentialing requirements of the International Coaching Federation (ICF). Steve easily establishes rapport through trust and intimacy with his client. Steve helps his clients envision different perspectives, find awareness of blind spots and empowers them to build the life desired.

Personally, he enjoys being with family, Japanese gardening, fishing, hunting, hiking and traveling.

Steve offers individual life coaching and couples coaching/workshops with his wife, Cella.

About Enlightened Way New Day - Coach Steve Hartline

Steve Hartline

ACC Certified Life Coach