Seeing the Potential

Life Coaching

It is our mission to see the potential of the people we serve. We see what is hidden just underneath the surface and reflect it back. We see the possibilities in you that you may not see in yourself. We see it where it is, inside of you, just under the surface. 

What is hidden and yet present, is evoked through connection. The connection deepens through words, observation, reflection and through a trusted space that we create together.

If I have not shared yet, I am a rockhound. I see the potential in rocks, just as Cella and I see potential in the people we meet.

I will share an example of a recent rockhounding experience. Not too long ago, Cella and I went on a trout fishing trip back to our old stomping grounds in Grant County, Wisconsin. The day was beautiful… but the fishing was slow. We each caught one trout.

That day we created wonderful memories, not by the fish we caught, but by the bonding experience we shared. “There is more to fishing than fishing”, as Cella often reminds me.

I spent a fair amount of time looking through the stream rocks because the trout were not a distraction to me. The stones had been washed onto the bank and into a cow pasture. I noticed one in particular that caught my eye last year when I was fishing with a friend. I didn’t pick it up then, but it was calling to me to take it home on this day. So… I did.

The smooth texture under the dirt told me to look deeper. I saw how it could look, not how it presented itself in the rough.  (You may not realize this, but quartz and agates are both composed of silica.) Silica is basically sand. The difference in the finished stone is the heat and pressure they experienced in the molten state. This stone looked like agate to me.

People are also similar to each other. Composed of the same common elements. Flesh, bone and blood, we are all the same and yet all unique. Many times, our current being is affected by the heat and pressure that we have experienced in the past.

One of the cool parts of coaching is that individuality of the person remains. The parts that are most beautiful are released to shine. The essence remains and we become even more of the person that we are meant to be. 

What are you curious about that is just under the surface? A current blind spot may be hiding the “diamond in the rough”. Let us explore together…

On a side note:

Impurities and imperfections give stones and people character and color.

How do feel when you see and experience that in your fellow human beings?  

There is no judgment. Only notice. Notice what is just under the surface.

Written by:  Steve Hartline


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