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As most of you know, Steve and I are on a travel sabbatical at the moment for 2 months.  We have been keeping a journal of the places we have been to, but more importantly each day we have been recording our insights for the day.  These insights are our souls’ reflections and awareness of how we want to live going forward in our lives.

  • Mindfulness-being present is easier when the mind is free from the day to day responsibilities.
  • Be present so that you do not miss the moments and miracles unfolding right before you.
  • Embrace perspectives and stop resisting change.
  • Let your light shine brightly.
  • Beware of the icicles that can keep you frozen/stuck in time.
  • We are just a speck in the universe and it is okay to feel small.  Recognize that even as a speck we are still a part of the bigger picture.
  • There is always hope, but hope requires faith. Hope exists in the darkness if you continue to believe.
  • Embrace the ripples and turbulent times, because that is where our lessons come from.  Go with the flow of life.
  • Be like the river as the water flows in the path of least resistance.  So let it go!
  • Let go of all the emotional weight you carry.
  • Take the higher perspective always.  Keep going even when you are feeling stuck.  Follow your inner truth.  Perseverance is the key even when you are feeling stuck.
  • Never give up!  Keep following your heart.
  • Be a bridge builder not a bridge burner.
  • Our lives are full of bumps and blemishes to embrace because they lead us to the lessons our souls’ need for growth.
  • Patience is a virtue!  A life-long lesson for me.
  • Be quiet enough to hear your truth.
  • Recognize that we have to endure challenges so that we can see the beauty.
  • Be grateful in all circumstances.
  • Give up control, as control is just an illusion anyway.
  • Take the road less traveled often.
  • Have a voice and speak up when something is bothering you.
  • Feel the fear and do it anyway!  Be courageous in all situations.
  • Stand tall, embrace your scars as they bring you character and stay rooted and intertwined with life.  Lessons from the ginormous trees we saw.
  • Adjust and be flexible. Life doesn’t always deliver to our expectations.  There is less suffering when you let go of expectations.
  • Be persistent like the waves of the ocean.
  • Be more colorful in life.  Color outside of the lines sometimes.
  • Remember suffering is often self-inflicted.  Requires a psychic brain shift.  Reframe life from a different perspective sometimes.
  • Healing happens when you least expect it.  All fellow humans need healing.
  • It is always about spiritual timing, not our timing.
  • Choose to just be more often.  To feel and experience it all.
  • Embrace abundance.

What an experience thus far.  I can only imagine how different our lives would be if we lived according to our reflections and the desires listed above.  I do know that it is worth a shot as we experienced each of these things while traveling!  

Would you like to join us in living according to these reflections?

Written by:  Cella Hartline

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