Sabbatical 2021: What was your FAVORITE STATE?

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This question has been asked most often since we returned home. How can we possibly answer that? The sights smell and sounds were beyond words. Each place holds a special spot in our hearts. Unique moments in a collage of memories that will last a lifetime.

The adrenaline rush of seeing momma bears with cubs, the quiet moments sitting under waterfalls, and experiencing the majesty and smells in the redwood and sequoia forests. These are just a few of our favorite highlights.

We also revisited our favorite places in the Rocky Mountain National Park, Yellowstone, and the Grand Tetons. Some things were familiar and some parts were as if we were there for the first time.

Back to the question, “What was your favorite state?” Being honest with myself and with you, I have to say it was when I was able to be in the state of being present wherever I was. This has always been a challenge for me. Cella is better at being immersed at the moment.

This became very clear while we were having breakfast in Rapid City, South Dakota. Rapid City is in the western part of South Dakota. My mind was in the eastern part of Minnesota on the north shore. I was preparing for the mosquitos that we might encounter in two days.

One of the great benefits of being married to a life coach is that one question or statement can be used to bring me back to the present. Not only was I made aware of the fact that I couldn’t do anything about mosquitos in Minnesota while in South Dakota, I realized at that moment that I had been doing the same type of anxiety planning the whole trip. I had not been fully present at the moment.

It does take energy to bring my attention back to the present whether it be in travel or in a relationship. I will say that when I accomplish being fully present, that it is my favorite state. 

The answer to the question is the moment of now and being fully in that moment.  What is your favorite state of being?

Written by: Steve Hartline 

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