A New Day Relationship Reboot

A New Day - Relationship Reboot

Do you find yourself asking, Is This All There Is when thinking about your relationship?

Take a moment to consider…..

Are you settling for status quo in your relationship? Or, do you find yourself totally dissatisfied or disillusioned within your partnership?

Are you contemplating leaving your marriage or committed partnership, because of the feelings of complacency? Or maybe you are feeling stuck…because you said “I do” and it is not really going the way you wanted it to.

“We were so in love…….what happened to us? Now we are just roommates!”

I really do love my partner but I am not sure I can live the rest of my life like this…” or maybe it is this…. I do love my partner but I am “not in love” anymore.

Are you lonely inside your relationship?

All we do is argue. Every time we argue, my partner threatens to leave or tells me to get out….even calls me terrible names.

I feel disrespected by my partner and my opinion doesn’t matter.

Our sex life is non-existent? I am not attracted to my partner anymore. We have a loss of passion between us.

Do you see yourself in any of the above statements? Or maybe “is this all there is?” means something else for you. The examples above are just some of the stories of couples we have guided to a more meaningful and healthy relationship.

There is hope for your relationship!

If you don’t want to give up on your relationship. We can help.

Introducing: A New Day Relationship Reboot

Are you willing to do the work of rebooting the eight important aspects within a healthy relationship? If so, join us for our deeply reflective and comprehensive course The Relationship Reboot. This course has an initial relationship assessment, 10 specific modules that have video teachings, including best tips and techniques to overcome the challenges of that aspect of a relationship and some designed activities to actually practice with the knowledge gained. In addition, each module has a coaching guided, downloadable workbook specific to each lesson taking the learners deeper into self-awareness, meanwhile identifying the impact it has within the relationship. This question guided framework will also aide in clarifying the future focal points for rebooting. This course will transform the partnership if both parties are “all in” and committed to doing the work.

Course Objectives

  1. Conducts the initial relationship assessment to obtain baseline satisfaction
  2. Discusses individual assessment findings with partner
  3. Explores personality differences

Program Offer | Cost $997 from $1997 (LIMITED TIME OFFER ONLY)

Additional Benefits:
  • 2 (1 hour) live calls per month x 4 months where additional topics are covered and personal questions will be answered
  • Access to private A New Day Relationship Reboot Facebook page—4 thought provoking posts a week and built in support from other members
  • Enlightened Way New Day Newsletter- “A Couple of Thoughts”/Monthly Blog

Individual or Couple Coaching Sessions:

If you feel that you need more individualized support we offer a package of 6 individual or couple coaching sessions via Zoom or in person at our office for $1197 U.S.D.


  • Individualized/coaching sessions to specifically focus in on your relationship challenges
  • Customized tools/tips and techniques will be shared
  • Coaching is transformative and increases self-awareness. Establish action steps and accountability as an outcome of each session.

Client Praise for the Relationship Reboot

Couples Coaching with Steve and Cella is life changing!

Steve and Cella empowered and encouraged us to resolve and forgive each other and ourselves for things we were holding onto from the past. The breakthroughs were unbelievable. Feelings that were masked, came out in order for us to move forward. We found that our lack of communication skills was the main issue. We learned tools to help resolve the hurt that was buried deeply into our relationship.

Steve and Cella were patient, kind, and very direct with both of us. Steve and Cella remained neutral and did not take sides or pass judgment. Their mantra was, “There is no right, no wrong, only wounds that need to be healed”. Healing, forgiveness strategies, communication skills and hope are the tools that Steve and Cella provide. This experience was a game changer for me, even after 25 years of marriage.

If you have tried everything else, I encourage you to not give up and choose to engage with this dynamic coaching duo. I hope that you give The Relationship Reboot Course a try.

A New Day Relationship Reboot - Testimonials - Shelly S

Shelly S.

When I invited Steve and Cella to be Coach Trainers for Preuss CoachLeader Academy, it was because of their collective strengths and value of relationship. What makes Steve and Cella a dynamic relationship duo is not just their commitment to each other, but also their commitment to the ‘us’ part of the relationship. As individuals, Steve is the Yin to Cella’s Yang and vice versa! Cella has a deep intuitive, spiritual knowing and driving energy to compliment Steve’s introspective intellect and calming, harmonious energy. They offer a holistic perspective of couple relationship. Learning how to tap into the best of each other and support the growth and development of the relationship as ‘one unit’ is something Steve and Cella are masters at. They walk the walk and talk the talk which makes them a trusted source. The program they offer to couples, in my opinion, is the foundation needed for thriving relationship and a recommended necessity for all couples desiring a deep and fulfilling relationship!

A New Day Relationship Reboot - Testimonials - Shawn P

Shawn P.

Paul and I have experienced the impact of Steve and Cella’s Couples Coaching, which has deepened our relationship and self-awareness of how we are showing up in our partnership.

The things that stand out most is their ability to ask deeply reflecting questions and then to really listen at a level we had never experienced before. Paul and I felt deeply understood and we felt safe to be completely vulnerable. We were able to let down our walls with each other and gain perspectives that allowed us to work toward the common goal of growth in our relationship.

We also appreciate the direct communication that helped us to better understand ourselves and each other. An example of this is when I (Jamie) was asked a question. I gave a very detailed answer. Paul was then asked what he heard me say. His answer was different than my intent. Cella was able to help me quickly work through my feelings of hurt and anger. Steve was able to offer a male perspective and understanding of Paul’s viewpoint. This type of teamwork was instrumental in our being able to bridge the disconnect. We have been able to create awareness around the opposing viewpoints in our relationship.

The support we have received from Steve and Cella has done amazing things not only for our relationship, but for our entire family. We are very grateful! We highly recommend The Relationship Reboot Course facilitated by these transformational coaches!

A New Day Relationship Reboot - Testimonials - Jamie and Paul G

Jamie and Paul G.

I have known Steve and Cella for quite some time. The qualities and attributes that draw me to them as individuals are even stronger when they come together as a couple. They show up daily in every aspect of their lives with integrity, authenticity, leadership, empathy, and respect. Together they create a professional, welcoming and safe environment for you to be able to show up 100% as your true self.

The Relationship Reboot material was created to help you take a deeper dive into not only what you need as an individual in your relationship, but also as a partner and teammate. Life is incredibly short for you to settle for anything less than amazing when it comes to who you share your journey with. What a gift it is to have found a couple that have been through incredibly tough obstacles themselves, and have come out stronger on the other side. The Relationship Reboot is more than a course, more than just something to add to your “to do list”. It’s your personal commitment to stop settling for less than you deserve, stop contemplating “what ifs” and take a risk to transform your relationship from status quo to everything you ever hoped it could be!

A New Day Relationship Reboot - Testimonials - Erin S

Erin S.

The choice is this: do you want a great relationship or not? If you do, then “The Relationship Reboot” course with Cella and Steve Hartline is the path. This course is loaded with rich content paired with thought-provoking homework that gets to the heart of what matters in successful relationships. Other than searching for positive relationship role models, life doesn’t offer a lot of training in how to do relationships or marriage well. We fumble along, wearing blinders and hoping that we’ll be the lucky ones or learning the hard way. But life happens after the falling-in-love bubble and this course prepares couples for how to not only make it through the difficult times, but to live and love bigger than you ever even imagined.

It is interesting that their promo suggests this course will help if you are “all in” with your commitment to it, but if you even just did one module or homework assignment here, you and your partnership will benefit. Cella is powerful, Steve is wise, and together they are going to change your life. Do it!

A New Day Relationship Reboot - Testimonials - Jo Anne P

Jo Anne P.

Steve and Cella are a powerful duo when coaching couples. They are both so insightful in their own unique ways and brought the male/female perspective into all our coaching sessions. From the very first session, we felt embraced, supported, and deeply heard. Each time we left a session we had a deeper understanding of ourselves and how our relationship was impacted from the way we were showing up. We learned many communication tips and techniques that improved our relationship, every relationship we have for that matter. Steve and Cella helped us move from the space of fear to heart-centered love. We have gained so many “highlighter moments” and relationship tools from this powerful duo.

We highly recommend The Relationship Reboot program as it will transform your relationship in a deeply reflective and loving way! With Steve and Cella as your guides, we guarantee you are in nurturing, compassionate and capable hands.

A New Day Relationship Reboot - Testimonials - Shane E and Ashley B

Shane E. and Ashley B.

This Relationship Reboot really digs deep into the many layers of a relationship, giving participants ample opportunities for more meaningful conversations, resulting in a deeper understanding of oneself, their partner and their partnership. This reboot, contains videos for each training lesson, is packed full of engaging activities, deeply reflective questions, multiple tools, tips and techniques amongst a structured framework to dive into the multiple levels within a relationship.

We have experienced Steve and Cella as couple coaches firsthand and our relationship has been transformed through their guidance! Having both the male and female perspective from this married couple within the coaching experience is a refreshing component of this course. It is evident to us, that Steve and Cella live and breathe what they are willing to share with others through this program. We highly recommend The Relationship Reboot!

A New Day Relationship Reboot - Testimonials - Rob and Jennie

Rob and Jennie M.