Needing a Perspective Shift? Choose To Reframe with Just Like Me……

Many of us find ourselves triggered at least daily because of someone else’s behavior or often when we find ourselves in a difficult situation of any kind.  I have a quick tip/solution that I would like to share with you.  Ready? When triggered immediately change your perspective by adopting the just like me thinking.  Within seconds of doing so you will often feel a shift to bring more compassion and empathy to the situation before you.  The just like me mantra immediately interrupts your thinking patterns, resetting your brain which in turns softens your heart.

Just like me this person wants to…follow it with what might be missing from the experience right now.   Here are some of the examples that I find myself using most often….

 Just like me this person wants to …

…feel loved and accepted

…be heard and understood

…be supported

…be nurtured

…be cared about 

…feel valued

…feel safe

…be recognized and appreciated

…share empathy and compassion for those who are suffering

…feel connected

…feel honored

…be seen

…feel confident and competent

…feel respected

…express their feelings

…be authentic and vulnerable

…get their point across

…to do what feels right for them

This list could go on and on.  What would you add? 

Now I want you to think about a recent triggering event.  Go back and look at the situation from the just like me statement.  Reread the list and even add to this list.  Did you feel the shift in your heart?  Can you now see the situation from a different perspective?  It works like magic for me.  I hope it does for you too.

In what relationship can you see yourself utilizing the just like me framework in order to change your perspective?

Put just like me thinking into your refueling toolbox and watch your heart soften in most any difficult situation involving others.

Cella Hartline

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