Life Coaching

The International Coaching Federation defines Life Coaching as “an ongoing partnership that helps the client produce fulfilling results in their personal and professional lives.”

Why Choose Us

Life coaching is transformational, we know this as we live and breathe it every day. We have integrated the coaching philosophy into all aspects of our lives. This is evidenced in our choosing to take risks daily, along with our ongoing commitment to individual personal leadership. For us, all this has resulted in daily growth, learning and movement in living, really living.  Accountability to ourselves and with each other has brought the necessary consistency in accomplishing what we both desire out of life.

Our integrated coaching philosophy and our unique skills, set us apart from others.

Cella and Steve - Couple's Coaching - Enlightened Way New Day

Steve brings over 30 years of retail management experience along with 9 years of compassion care in Nursing Home and Memory Care Assisted Living. His empathic listening, curiosity, intuition, and insightful emotional awareness help his clients find the transformation desired in life. Steve is ACC Credentialed through the ICF.

More About Steve Hartline
Associate Certified Coach - Steve Hartline - ACC Logo - Life Coaching - Enlightened Way New Day
Associate Certified Coach - Steve Hartline - Life Coaching - Enlightened Way New Day

Cella, having been awarded the National Rural Healthcare Educator of the year in 2018, brings insightful intuition, direct communication, accountability, forward vision and teaching which leads to incredible breakthroughs and movement for her clients. Cella is PCC Credentialed through the ICF.

More About Cella Hartline
Professional Certified Coach - Cella Hartline - PCC Logo - Life Coaching - Enlightened Way New Day
Professional Certified Coach - Cella Hartline - Life Coaching - Enlightened Way New Day
Steve and Cella both graduated from U.W. Madison’s Professional Life Coaching Certification Course.

Cella states, “sometimes as humans we just feel stuck in life. We find ourselves just going through the motions of the daily grind or our roles and responsibilities. We long for change and for adding more meaning to our lives. Although many of us have good intentions to change aspects of our lives that are not working for us, we find ourselves self-sabotaging and getting in the way of what we want.”

Common life coaching topics:

  • Connecting to life purpose
  • Relationship challenges
  • Leadership for personal or professional life
  • Loss of passion/reigniting passion
  • Time management
  • Decluttering life/prioritizing
  • Work/life integration
  • Stress reduction
  • Values mining
  • Re-discovering self
  • Self-love/self-compassion
  • Confronting self-sabotage
  • Life transitions (retirement/new job/divorce/moving/empty nest)
  • Intentional living- creating the life you desire on purpose
  • Living authentically from the heart
  • Living and breathing your intended legacy
  • Anything that is getting in the way to living the life you desire.

Try our life coaching services if any of these topics resonate with you. Choosing life coaching will bring transformation to your life. We will help you get a clearer vision of the life you desire using curiosity and a facilitated self-discovery process. Begin the journey back to heart, your true authentic self, step by step. Learn to live your life, not the worldly view of your life in these supportive one-on-one sessions which are completely confidential and judgement free. Sessions offered in person, on phone or via Zoom technology. We also do group and team coaching too!

Ready To Take Action?

If you desire to live your best life and are ready for personal transformation contact us today! We offer a free 30-minute coaching session to determine client/coach chemistry.

What Our Clients Are Saying…

“My experience with Enlightened Way: New Day life coaching has been nothing but positive from the start. It is challenging or difficult at times to admit you need help or support. Steve and Cella create a safe space for you to grow at your own pace in the direction that you want to go. The only way I can describe it accurately is the words: warm, safe, genuine.”

Erin S.

Freeport, IL

“Working with Cella, as my life coach, has been a life changing experience.  She is available, knowledgeable and insightful which has helped me to achieve a greater version of myself.  I have been through very painful experiences.  She has equipped me with the knowledge to not only survive those circumstances, but to thrive in order to learn and grow from them.  I can’t imagine how I would have gotten through everything without her support.  It is hard to capture in words what her coaching has done for me.”

Melissa B.

Holman, WI