Internal Gremlins Better Known as Your Saboteur Self

Written by:  Steve Hartline

The gremlins inside of you and me have more impact than any external force. The gremlins control our actions, beliefs, assumptions and judgments.  Beliefs, assumptions and judgments about others and more often, about ourselves. They are never kind. They show up as “The Judge, The Stickler, The Controller”, plus a cast of 7 more assorted shady characters. As you read this, keep in mind how these impact not only you but your relationship.

These mysterious messengers can also be shape shifters. One moment a Hyper Achiever and the next a Victim.

They say things like, “You are not good looking enough”. “You are not smart enough”. “We will do it my way or not at all”. “You are not worthy of happiness”. “I need to do for everyone else or they won’t like me”. “Why does this always happen to me?”

The list goes on and on.

The gremlins or saboteurs make the survival side of the brain their’ home. They do, however, serve a purpose. They have made it possible for us to be here as a species. They look for and avoid danger.

In the past, those who noticed the tiger first survived. The ones who stayed out of risky environments stayed alive. They may have been hyper-vigilant or hyper-rational. Whatever survival strategy they adopted, their genes passed down to us.

Gremlins do show up in many forms.  The problem is when they take over our minds and don’t allow for positive growth or risk taking of any kind.

They never believe you can succeed, ever! Don’t believe them.

You may be asking yourself, “How do I get rid of my gremlin?”

The answer is, you can’t and won’t. They are a part of you, but they are not you.  They are not who you are at your core.

Just notice when their voice gets too loud or it talks too much. Learn to recognize the gremlin when it speaks and dismiss it when it is not needed. Thank the gremlin and move forward with courage.

Check-in time.

What are your internal voices saying to you?

How are they serving you?

How are they holding you back?

What do you want to do about that?




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