In The Pursuit Of Happiness

Life Coaching

In relationships we pursue many things. First, we pursue our perspective partner. We court and flirt and chase and dream about what life might be like to be together. If we are lucky enough to win this special person’s heart, the rules of the game sometimes change.

The excitement of courtship often gets put away and forgotten. The serious business of parenting may come next. This responsibility brings a desire for stability and consistency in the home. 

Dreams of courtship can become an afterthought if not kept fresh in mind. The pursuit of happiness is a right that we are granted and yet often forgotten in the day to day auto-pilot of living and working.

Is the pursuit of happiness a reality in your relationship or something that you hope will reappear as quickly as it went away? 

Pursuing means to be in movement in an effort to catch or capture something. What is your relationship in movement toward “in pursuit of happiness”?  

Be intentional within your relationship as you pursue happiness together.

Written by: Steve Hartline

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