“I’m Dreaming of…”

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The song continues, “a White Christmas, just like the one I used to know.”

Just like the one I used to know.  What does that mean? What is the memory that is dreamed of and hoped for again? 

The memories that are made in these special moments reflect the intentions placed upon it. Gifts given and received at Christmas time are accepted as part of the “holiday tradition”. The monetary value is not as important as the thought behind the gift. It is considered okay at this time of year to allow the abundance of others’ hearts to bless us.

What is remembered most is the feelings experienced in this season. Long after the gifts are broken, lost, exchanged or put away the memories remain and often have the potential to overpower any negative experiences that are a part of any gathering.

What are we dreaming of?

Possibly one or all of the following…

Unconditional love?

Giving and receiving from the heart? 

Forgiveness and reconciliation?

Perhaps in a struggling partnership the dream is for the relationship you used to know.  

This holiday season create meaningful memories.  

Have a blessed Christmas season,

Steve and Cella Hartline

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