I’m Doing The Best I Can

Life Coaching

This statement is often preceded by, “What more do you want from me?” Often, the honest answer is “more”, or at least something different than what is currently being given. 

We “do” from what we know. And what we know is limited to what has been experienced in the past. The unfortunate truth is that we repeat the past because of the fear of trying something new, unknown, or at the very least untried.

The insanity of routine is that it will always produce what has already been shown to be ineffective.

“I’m doing the best I can” is really another way of saying, “I’m doing the best that I know to do right now because I am not willing to risk trying something else at this time.” 

Having the mindset to do what is needed, rather than, “the best I can do”, will open up possibilities where there are none currently.

What are you currently “doing the best you can at” that really could be transformed into what is needed in your relationship? 

Written by: Steve Hartline

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