Having No Expectations This Holiday Season

Written by:  Cella Hartline

Imagine living life and this holiday season from the perspective of having no expectations about anything.  I anticipate that is hard to fathom for most people. Of course then add the COVID pandemic to the season which is throwing a wrench into everything we have known as normal.  Grief is present this year because traditions are being blown apart.  Regardless of the current circumstances, what I have learned over the years is that every time I create expectations in my head or heart that I walk away from conversations, situations or events completely disappointed. Nothing ever turns out the way I want it to or should I say expect it to.  If I am really honest, there is no way anything could come close to the expectations that I set for myself or the events that I plan.  I have unrealistic and unsurmountable expectations most days.  I have come to realize that perfectionism is lurking around every corner too….just waiting to rear its ugly head.  No wonder I walk away disappointed, as there is no such perfect conversation, situation or event.  I suppose there is a sprinkle of people pleasing in the mix too.  I believe some of you will be able to identify with all of this.

The high actual insurmountable expectations sprinkled with perfectionism and people pleasing tendencies has been quite truthfully killing me.  It has impacted my worthiness as I never “feel good enough” on the other side of my self-induced expectations.  There most often seems to be a major let down or a sense of failure.  UGH!  No more……

My solution this holiday season, let go of expectations, decide to have no expectations in whatever I am experiencing or planning to experience.  Choose to “just be” in the moment, to be present in the moment of now.  There truly is so much value in being mindful!  Mindfulness is the new mental health buzz word, I am here to tell you…  I feel free every time I choose mindful presence of the moment vs. anticipating the outcome of my expectations.  I have made a conscious decision for the past few weeks not to place expectations on myself. I have been living in the moment, celebrating my accomplishments in those moments while feeling exhilaration and completely FREE!!!

What would your life and this holiday season be like with NO expectations?  What do you have to do consciously to create the same freedom in your life?  Drop me a line I would love to hear your thoughts.

Tis the season to be mindful while choosing to release all expectations…..

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