Good Intentions?

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The road to hell is paved with good intentions” -Bernard of Clairvaux

Truth is, intention equals results but requires action steps.

Now is the time that we speak greatly of intentions. We sometimes replace the word intention with resolution. The implied meaning is still intention. We say things like, “I intend to spend more time on personal growth this coming year.” Or, “I intend to break this bad habit of wasting time” or whatever the case may be.

Intentions come from a hope that things will be different and yet things often remain the same. When the “sameness” continues despite good intentions, a reflective question to ask yourself is, “How is this currently serving me?” The answer is within you if you are willing to look deeply enough. 

Perhaps the answer is that you really have no intention to change and you are comfortable with how things are. Fear of the unknown and the discomfort are also reasons to remain status quo. Things will then stay the same until the pain is too great to not make changes.

Another reflection on how intentions impact relationships is how we apologize to others. Saying that we are sorry because we didn’t intend harm negates the impact of our well-intentioned acts on others. 

Sometimes good intentions have negative consequences that we didn’t anticipate. Being sorry about impact on another person rather than justifying motives honors the other party. This can bring resolution to conflict if the intention is to take full accountability of the fallout of the chosen action. 

Whatever your good intentions are for the New Year, take the risk to bring your intentions to life knowing that not all good intentions will bring the desired result. Be kind and gentle to yourself if you fall back into old patterns and reward yourself when you have breakthroughs. 

Intentions only equal results when action is taken.  What action will you take today?

Happy New Year from Steve and Cella!

Let us know how we can assist you and your intentions for the New Year. 

Written by: Steve Hartline

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