Falling Away…Choosing to Let Go!

Life Coaching

Autumn has arrived and the trees are giving us the annual reminder to let go.  Let it all go.  Easier said than done for the majority of the population.  There are many reasons for the difficulty in letting go:  our overall resistance, fear of the unknown, sometimes the experiences of the past are incorporated into our personal identity and our ego that wants to keep us stuck right where we are.  Just to name a few. 

At our September workshop our participants identified many things to let go of:

There was an overwhelming awareness that the participants were not alone in the burdens they carry every day.  It is my guess that you feel the same as you review this list.  I am confident that most humans have one or more things from the list that they can let go of.

Nature’s lesson communicated through the trees is to learn to let go.  Doing so brings our spirit freedom!  I know for sure that a sense of internal peace happens when I choose to let go of that which is no longer serving me. There is a space of trust and faith in the natural rhythm of just being with what is present in this moment.  So the practice of mindfulness helps in the experience of letting go too. 

If letting go brings freedom, what do you choose to let go of today?  What are you waiting for?  Release it today and tomorrow too if necessary.

Written by: Cella Hartline

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