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We have heard from couples lately who just want to “be happy”. Unfortunately, many are not even in the same area code as “happy”. “Happy” seems like a bridge too far at times for them. Giving up seems like the only answer. 

What are the challenges we see?

Communication issues, boundaries not being clear, unmet expectations, and making assumptions are just some of the roadblocks that we witness. Not knowing your partner’s love language is another way of losing connection.

What is the most devastating thing to a relationship that we see in coaching?

It is the stories that we tell ourselves. Most often, these stories are about unworthiness, being abandoned, being unlovable, and our past being unforgivable. The stories control how life is perceived and lived.  

Where do these stories originate? In our growing up, in our past relationships, in our imaginations, and in our self-sabotaging belief patterns. We live those stories because they are familiar and they become our truth. But, are they true?

Fortunately, we can write a different ending. We choose to live the narrative or challenge them through intention, action, and reflection. 

What is the destination if nothing changes in your relationship? 

You have the power to write the ending to your story.

Written by Steve Hartline

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