Couples Coaching

Our “Why” Experience

We fell in love at first sight in our younger years, truly soulmates. We had instant chemistry on all levels and after dating for a couple of years we got engaged. However, we never made it to the altar. We went through much heartache all those years ago. We spent nearly 25 years apart before finding our way back to each other and allowing our love to re-kindle. We had to work through our past hurts, exercise forgiveness, re-establish trust and be intentional in what we wanted to create in our relationship going forward. Our pain is your gain, as we have designed a comprehensive approach to being intentional within a relationship based on our own experience.

Cella and Steve - Couple's Coaching - Enlightened Way New Day

We understand that many couples get caught up in the day to day responsibilities of life and eventually lose sight of what is important within their relationship, which results in drifting further and further apart. Consider couples coaching if there is:

  • Trust issues
  • Unresolved conflict
  • Little to no romance
  • Lack of fun or adventure
  • Communication challenges
  • Loneliness within the partnership
  • A loss of self within the relationship
  • Lack of intimacy (emotional/physical)
  • Emotional turmoil/emotional disconnect
  • Differences of opinions that leads to fights
  • Controlling behaviors that suffocate individuality
  • Lack of teamwork or partnership toward mutual goals
  • One foot out the door or threats of leaving the relationship
  • I don’t know-what do you want syndrome
  • Disrespectful behaviors, lack of support, or overall lack of feeling loved
  • Outside distractions that have become more important than the partnership (work, technology, other relationships)
  • Anything else that gets in the way of the desired relationship

We will support your relationship through whatever challenge you find yourself in.

We have developed many tools to help you assess the current aspects of your relationship. Creating new awareness will help you to become more intentional about designing the relationship you desire. Make a commitment to refueling your relationship today and let us show you how we can help.

“The perspectives Steve and Cella share and the guidance they provided to us as a couple opened up communication in our marriage that had been stagnant for 10 years and allowed us to move forward to an entirely new level in our relationship. Communication has always been our biggest issue or obstacle and after a few sessions with them, we were able to talk about things we hadn’t been able to previously, but more importantly, we were able to really listen and really hear each other so that we were able to truly heal on a deep level.”

Jennie M.

Mazomanie, WI