Back To The Future

Life Coaching

We have been told that if we don’t learn from the past, we will be doomed to repeat it. Our past has indeed shown up in our present and most likely in our future. Most often, we make our individual choices without them impacting others. Not so right now.  

Unfortunately, as a society, we are once again wearing protective masks. Some counties/states have mandated them as the COVID 19 Delta Variant spreads like wildfire across our nation. The masks remind us of our painful and not-so-distant past and of the lessons we have not yet learned.

As a Registered Nurse and a Nurse Educator, I see the burden that is very real for our healthcare workers because of the pandemic. There is no excess of energy to spend on things outside of our control and so we focus on what we can influence. Healthcare providers are struggling, exhausted, and burning out.

Vaccinations, social distancing, and maintaining cleanliness are proven ways to move us forward in this outbreak.  Even if you have been vaccinated, please exercise social distancing and wearing your masks right now.  Think about the “we” instead of “me.”  We need everyone to do their part.

As a Life Coach and a Nurse, I evoke awareness that a life lesson will continue to come until that life lesson has been learned. This is a spiritual truth that is repeated as round 2 of this pandemic surges. What is the lesson in this pandemic for mankind so that it is not one that will need to be repeated?  Might it just be the “we” instead of “me” focus? Without a doubt, how we show up collectively will determine how long we must stay in the “back to the future” mode.  

What choices will you make today to help us get out of the “Back to the Future” mode?

Written by: Cella Hartline

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