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A “Couple” of Thoughts

Welcome to our heart centered and authentic new blog which we have named A “Couple” of Thoughts. Our goal is to impact the world by inspiring others and encouraging reflective transformation one person at a time. Sharing our thoughts and the insights that we have gained in this journey we call life is very important to us. We live life from a space of curiosity, which opens up a deeper understanding of ourselves and the world around us. We are passionate about life coaching ourselves and others. We love coaching couples together hence the title a “couple” of thoughts. Sometimes we will be focused on issues for couples with tip and techniques being shared, sometimes we will be focused on individual awareness. Bottom line we will drill into a “couple” of thoughts for all to contemplate.

Our values are designed to INSPIRE others. Integrity, eNlightenment, Service, Presence, Intuition, Relationships, Empowering will be weaved into the purpose of our blogging.

As you read our blog, you may not always agree with our point of view and that is okay. Maybe you have a different perspective that you can share with us. If so we would love to hear your “couple” of thoughts too. Mutual sharing is powerful and rewarding if everyone keeps an open mind. If you find value in our thoughts please invite your friends to follow our blog too.

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