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The Power of Grit

“Grit” is the positive trait based on a person’s perseverance of effort combined with the passion for a particular long-term…
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Seeing the Potential

It is our mission to see the potential of the people we serve. We see what is hidden just underneath…
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Where Are You

I always thought this was a strange question. “What do you mean, where am I? I’m right here.” What I…
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Unmet Expectations

Uncommunicated or unmet expectations can lead to disappointment and create distance within your relationship.  Our partner truly doesn’t stand a…
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The Journey to Self-Love

Oh, what a long, twisted, reflective journey it has been to self-love and self-acceptance.  Just like some of you, I…
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2021 On Purpose

In this moment how would you describe your relationship in 3 words?  Are you allowing your relationship to just be…
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